(from left to right) Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen, Minister for Health Greg Hunt, Professor Jeremy Nicholson (head of the Australian National Phenome Centre and Pro Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences at Murdoch) and Professor Elaine Holmes (Premier’s Science Fellow and Director of Systems Medicine, ANPC).

Murdoch University’s collaborative Australian National Phenome Centre has received $10 million from the Federal Government. to examine the complex interaction and influence of genes, the environment, diet and lifestyle on human health. The research will help them to better predict, prevent and treat complex diseases and conditions including obesity, diabetes, dementias and cancers.

Health Minister Roger Cook has announced a new three-year $855,000 partnership between Healthway and the West Australian Country Football League (WACFL) to build club capacity and support for mental health. The Think Mental Health club program will be rolled out across all 25 country football leagues from the Kimberley to Esperance, engaging about 130,000 Western Australians.

Harry Karelis, founder of Zelda Therapeutics, has moved to a non-executive chair role. Zelda Therapeutics Ltd is an Australian-based bio-pharmaceutical company specialising in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines for the treatment of the some of the world’s most important human diseases and disorders.

Matthew Budge and Warren Harding are new board directors of Alzheimer’s WA. Mr. Budge has been heavily involved in fundraising for Alzheimer’s WA. Mr. Harding has 30 years management consulting experience, including work on not-for-profit boards.

Child and Adolescent Health Service – Community Health (CAHS-CH) is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from organisations that may have rent free space for use by CAHS-CH.  No rental fees will be paid to the successful provider(s) for use of the facility or room, but outgoings for day-to-day costs directly related to the use of the facility or room will be considered.  Furniture and equipment will be provided by CAHS-CH.  The nominal closing date is Tuesday 31st December 2019. For information on instructions for submission, call Sally Lee (08) 6456 5318, sally.lee@health.wa.gov.au

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