Bush to bottle

The Esperance Distillery was launched in 2020 as small family operation with a tiny 30 litre still and a plan to make gin with local botanicals.

It was certainly a brave decision for a remote operation during the COVID years. But persistence has paid off and now, with a larger still, they are producing a portfolio of small batch gins with a true “bush to bottle” ethos.

The Esperance Distillery range of spirits is well-made and interesting, with a commitment to sustainable operations in the distillery and packaging. I am looking forward to a visit to Esperance so I can try the full range of gin and vodka.

Blue Haven Sunset (500ml $75)

The Blue Haven Sunset spicy gin is a brilliant blue colour courtesy of the Darwin pea flower and has an intriguing nose of lemon and eucalyptus. Clever use of the local melaleuca gives some interesting flavours with the palate being improved with bright ginger notes. A light touch of chilli makes the Asian fusion theme come together. A touch of tonic makes a refreshing G&T with the colour morphing into blush pink.

Middle Island Pink (500ml $75)

The Middle Island Pink gin has a slightly reduced alcohol strength at 40% and made with hand-foraged botanicals and local spring water. This gin uses native Australian hibiscus to give the pale pink colour and lemon bush for a citrus-style backbone. A botanical gin where the “less is better” approach works very well – clean spirit, delicate flavours and a very tasty summer drink.

Shiraz Gin (500ml $90)

Combining wine grapes and gin is a uniquely Australian approach to making a liqueur. I really enjoyed the Shiraz gin, with the pressed Shiraz grapes soaked in a base gin made with tea tree, vanilla and sandalwood. A reddish amber colour in the glass with aromas of port and spice. The palate was full, sweet and juicy, perfectly served with a large ice block and a slice of orange.


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