Health Pathways WA is looking for your feedback

Health care providers have until August 4, 2021 to provide feedback on various health care pathways currently open for consultation.

HealthPathways WA is a secure web-based portal that provides information for clinicians on patient assessment, management and referral pathways. The goal is to assist health professionals navigate through the primary, community and acute health care systems in Western Australia.

These pathways are developed by GPs for GPs and other health professionals, generally aimed to be used during consultation.

Currently, there are three health care pathways on the table, which are open for consultation. GPs and other health professionals are welcome to read, evaluate and provide feedback on any aspect of these pathways.

The pathways currently available for review are:

 How to provide feedback
To provide feedback on any of these pathways, follow the links above and use the following login information:

Username: partners
Password: Urchin19

Once you have reviewed the pathway, click on the “Send Feedback” button

Feedback provided will be reviewed by the Clinical Editor from the WA Primary Health Alliance for the listed pathways under consultation.

For more information, see the HealthPathways WA consultation webpage.