Global Microbiome Symposia

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is hosting a day-long event focused on the role of the human microbiome on health and the environment.

On Friday 20th August 2021, Harry Perkins and QEII Medical Centre are hosting the fourth annual Global Microbiome Symposia. The event will feature presentations on the latest microbiome research, spanning environmental, agricultural, rehabilitation, animal and human health disciplines.

The conference includes a wide range of presentations and leading researchers, including the opening address by Prof Fiona Wood. Plenary speakers include Dr. Paraic O Cuiv and Roberts Edwards.

Some of the titled of the presentations that will take place include:

  • Wanted dead or alive: Characterisation of the viable human milk microbiome in fresh and cold stored samples. Presented by Lisa Stinson, from the University of Western Australia.
  • Investigating the Effect of Domestic Water Quality on the Development and Assembly of the Infant Gut Microbiome. Presented by Kimberley Parkin, from the Telethon Kids Institute.
  • Pushing the boundaries of low-biomass samples: vaginal microbiome profiling using shallow shotgun metagenomics in the context of preterm birth risk analysis. Presented by Alishum Ali, from Curtin University.
  • Effects of cannabinoids on the gut microbiome-bile acid axis and potential for treating pancreatic cancer. Presented by Jacquelyn Jones, from Curtin University.

Conference details

Cost: $25 for students, $50 non-students
Date and time: Friday 20th August 2021 9:00 to 17:20.
Location: Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Nedlands.
Contact information: email