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April 2010

28-strong lobby formed

The mysterious-sounding ‘Board of Reference' has been formed by the WA branch of the Austn College of Health Service Executives and its members read like a who's who of the WA medical scene. Reminiscent of a super-band (anyone thinking Travelling Wilburys) it is led by Senior VP and former DG of Health, Dr Neale Fong. He said the 28-strong board will "provide support for the development of health leaders, and bring cross sector collaboration to highlight significant health leadership issues for WA". Members include Graham Kierath, Bob Kucera, Jim McGinty, Kevin Prince, Ian Taylor, Mike Daube, Dr Peter Flett, Kevin Cass-Ryall, Penny Flett, Professor Gary Geelhoed Dr Michael Stanford and Chris McGowan, amongst others.

Money for old code

A quick scan of the government tenders page always reveals some interesting details about where our health dollars are being spent. WACHS has awarded just over $260,000 for "the provision of clinical coding services" for the East Kimberley Health Services. For those who don't know, medical coding is the "process of transforming descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures into universal medical code numbers" which ......

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