Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation has launched a new grants program, thanks to a $25 million injection from the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

It aims to fund high quality, innovative research projects that improve patient outcomes and address key determinants of health.

Funding will be offered every year for the next five years and will focus on four clinical areas: cancer, mental health, cardiovascular disease, and orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal injury.

Paul Ramsay Foundation CEO Professor Glyn Davis said projects needed to address a specific determinant of health, such as health literacy, social and lifestyle risk factors, or the effects of climate change on health.

Grants are open to universities and medical research institutes to do research within or outside of Ramsay Health Care.

Expressions of interest can be made via RHRF’s new online portal, the Research Ethics, Governance and Grants System, or REGGS.