PROST! A Perth-based support group for men with prostate cancer

The group is helping men with prostate cancer to overcome the many challenges faced by their treatment.

Every year between 16,000 – 19,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Australia, and about 3,150 die from their condition, according to the most recent official statistics.  The incidence of this disease increases with age, with about one in four men developing this cancer by the age of 85 and there is a strong genetic component. If your father or brother had prostate cancer you are twice as likely as developing this condition and if you have two or more close relatives with this condition, your lifetime risk increases fivefold.

While there are various possible treatments for prostate cancer, one of the most common approaches is surgery and most commonly Radical Prostatectomy, where the whole prostate gland part of the urethra, and the seminal vesicles are removed

As a consequence of this radical surgery, men experience a wide range of side effects, including loss of bladder control, erectile dysfunction, infertility and damage to the nerves needed for erections and to the muscles that regulate the flow of urine. Other treatments such as radiation therapy will often cause similar issues, as well as bowel (feacal) incontinence , which may worsen over time.

To help men deal with many of these problems, Dr Jo Milios, Men’s Health Physiotherapist and Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, created PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate, accessible to any man diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The organisation provides professional guided exercise training and support to men who are undergoing prostate cancer treatment. The goal of their approach is to physically prepare men for  the challenges they will face following surgery  and radiation  treatment and to help them with their recovery.

About Prost!
PROST! Is the brainchild of Dr Milios, who founded the group in 2012, and was the first community-based exercise program in the world aimed at helping men with prostate cancer. The main focus of PROST! is to help men strengthen pelvic floor muscles through regular training, which may help them in their path to recovery from conditions like erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

‘’It is important to know that each man undergoing treatment for prostate cancer will have a unique situation and no two men will ever be the same in their progress. However, by exercising in a group where everyone is in a similar predicament, men immediately feel safe, supported and free to chat about their various symptom,” Dr Milios said.

Men talking about pads and penises are normally taboo topics, but not at PROST!. This is in addition to the many physical benefits gained through exercise including improved strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health and a psychological boost. Partners often comment that PROST! is the best thing their husbands have ever done for themselves in years.. so many keep attending – years after treatment is complete,’’ she added.

The PROST! support group currently consist of 172 active members, whereas over 1000 have been through this initiative since it was created. Among the members of this group are men with local and advanced prostate cancer, as well as men currently waiting treatment, on active surveillance or who have already been through surgery or other treatment.

The exercise program is run by qualified Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists in local gyms and football clubs across WA. The program is currently expanding, with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) recently helping to fund the expansion of PROST! to prostate cancer support groups across Australia.

“There are many PROST! groups now popping up all over the world as our new resource–PROST! on-line via USB- and has been posted to UK, NZ, Canada, USA and Europe so far. In addition, all 150 PCFA support groups have been provided with the program. Plans for delivering an online weekly exercise class are also in discussions currently,” Dr Milios told Medical Forum.

Finally, another output of the PROST! program  is an online podcast series that provides a wide range of information and discussion of topics important for men with prostate cancer as well as Men’s Health, generally. The Penis Project Podcast series ( includes  interviews with men about their experiences with prostate cancer, shares expert advice and more. There are currently 36 episodes in the podcast, including the following:

  • Episode 36: Meet David, a two-time penile prosthesis user.
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  • Episode 28: Can you make penises bigger?
  • Episode 22: Can Yoga Make You A Better Lover? Let’s Ask Donna.
  • Episode 14: Getting Diagnosed of Testicular Cancer at 32
  • Episode 2: Awesome Orgasms and Prostate Cancer in COVID – David
  • Episode 3: A younger man with prostate cancer: The almost perfect patient – Phil


For more information about PROST! Or the Penis Project Podcast series, contact Dr Jo Milios at or Ph: 9203 7070 or Group Leader Ross Campbell, at or Mob: 0407 886 823. You can also subscribe to the podcast by registering at