Don’t cry for me, Avita

Clinical Cell Culture (C3), once the great white hope of the WA biotech sector, has finalised its merger with quiet achiever Visiomed Group. Perhaps inspired (at least phonetically) by Argentina’s legendary first lady, the merged biotech opted for a new name: Avita Medical Ltd. Like Evita, C3’s health (financially, at least) has been rapidly declining, although the merger is the first positive step towards stemming the share price drop. The Avita board retains C3 figureheads Dalton Gooding (Chairman) and Dr Fiona Wood, as well as Ian McPherson (Deputy Chairman), Dr William Dolphin, Andrew Cannon, Dr Paul Watt. Boston-based Dr Dolphin is the new Managing Director.

Fatal mistakes

Dead men do tell tales, according to visiting Canadian Prof Pat Croskerry. He claims that autopsies reveal that doctors misdiagnose at least 1 in 5 patients, and poor communication or lack of sleep are to blame. Prof Croskerry said, “Autopsy findings have consistently shown a 20% discrepancy rate with the pre-death diagnosis, and a third of these autopsies would not be taking place if the true diagnosis had been known.”