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What’s happening this week:

Footy fever fights fats

While AFL finals crank up, 120 overweight male AFL fans aged between 35 and 65 are planning to pull on the boots in the name of better health and fitness. The Aussie-FIT project sees them participate in a 12-week fitness program run by coaches associated with their favourite WAFL team.

WA leads bacteria research

The tide in the war against antibiotic-resistant bacteria may be turning. Scientists from the University of WA and Canada have tested a compound which may stop bacteria producing an enzyme that renders the antibiotic ineffective. It’s great news but it is still at least 10 years away from being available to the public.

Eureka, UWA has found it

More accolades for UWA with researchers Prof Wendy Erber, Dr Kathryn Fuller and Henry Hui winning the distinguished Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology. The trio developed an automated method for rapid leukaemia detection.

Skippy high-tails it

Researchers in Sydney are exploring the powerful tendons in kangaroo tails as possible ligament replacements for those suffering from tendon injury. Just the news Sydney Swans defender Alex Johnson wants to hear as he stares down the barrel of his sixth knee reconstruction.

Featured article from the archives:

On the Mountain

Climbing mountains is a family affair for neurosurgeon Dr Neville Knuckey. It was Neville’s wife, Jacquelene, who first suggested pulling on the crampons and he’s been following in her footsteps ever since.

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